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    Angry Paradise cove

    You said it has been corrupted what do I need to do

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    Hi Millie and welcome to Forums.
    Not sure who said something had been corrupted but here is the thing.
    Firstly ask on the TPC forum. They are a rowdy lot across there but mostly helpful.
    Secondly submit a ticket about your corruption by using this link
    Thirdly drop a PM to PGWilsooon giving him your ticket number and a rough explanation. He will then identify your ticket and get back to you quite speedily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Millieb134 View Post
    You said it has been corrupted what do I need to do
    Depends on how bad but deleting and installing game again can fix some things. But make sure you have your game/device backed up and are signed in to GC.

    Reply to the email you have recieved asking what you need to do next, or just forward me your ticket ID. Will get someone to help you out.

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