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Thread: War dragons forum can't post.

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    Angry War dragons forum can't post.

    About a week ago i signed up to the war dragons forum.
    But i still can't post anything, still can't change my avatar, didn't receive a email notification of me signing up.
    Anyone now what problem this could be?


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    For support in War Dragons, please use the in-game support option. You can find this in the game by opening Settings, tapping Help, and then hitting "Contact Us", and someone will follow up with you there.

    If you cannot load up your game, you can contact us here:

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    Blinking heck Soon. A PG person lurking in the bowels of forum is a surprise.
    A nice surprise I mean.
    Support ID Q4A2FX9NCT Ipad Air a very interesting - level 117.
    Usual Disclaimer shortened to UD means in my opinion, limited to my game, my style of play, in my experience, only speaking for myself, I am only giving my own opinion of my game play I would also cordially like to remind you that everyone not only plays differently but everyone had different games so what is right/works for one may not for another. It is NOT a one size fits all. I am still having fun.

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