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    I've been playing campus life on a Samsung tablet and I just bought the new iPhone 6 plus . I don't want to loose EVERYTHING ( clothes,diamonds,money...) is there anyway I can pass my game to the iphone?

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    No, because CL uses Gamecenter, and Android uses most likely something else. Plus the platform of Android and iOS are different.

    Trust me when I say you're not missing much on your Samsung Tab when you upgrade, iOS CL has so many new features, girls, and is basically updated (if you spent actual moolah $$$ on your samsung, im sorry for you bb)

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    There is one ray of light. The very nice people at PG might be willing to give you a 'grub stake' to start up a new game on your phone. If you can give them all the information on where your android game stands and explain what you want to do they might be willing to help you. As Anime says they are two different sytems so nothing can be transfered across but it is worth asking if they can help. It is especially worth it if you have spent real money on your android set up so ask.
    to do this you submit a ticket at and give them all your details.
    good luck.
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