Forum Rules
A lot of these are common sense. Also, we totally understand that some forums tend to fall off topic much more often than others--and that’s okay! Just try to keep discussions mostly on-topic so that players that come looking for “tips and strategy” don’t walk into a conversation about crocheting.

1) Keep it clean. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother, boss, or first grade teacher seeing! This means no profanity, racism, nudity, or other offensive material.

Please keep in mind that everyone's sense of humor is different. What may be funny to one may not be the same for others. To avoid any arguments between users, look over comments and make sure that they are appropriate and would not offend anyone.

2) Respect each other. Remember that you’re talking to ACTUAL PEOPLE here. Put-downs, arguing, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

3) Post reasonably, and with good thread titles. “Help!” or “I’m Stuck” are examples of bad threads that should be better directed towards submitting a support ticket. Good examples are “Weekend Guild Battle Event for (date) Missing Rewards” or “Skirts not displaying when tights are equipped”.

4) No spam messages, links to promote businesses, or links to inappropriate or offensive materials.

5) Have fun! (Please don’t make me explain how to do this.)

Submitting a Support Ticket
If you have an issue in your own game that’s not something you can find an answer to on the forums, the best way to handle this is to submit a support ticket here:

New Users’ Posts
You will notice that your first forum post will not show up right away--don't worry! With each new user, their very first post is moderated to get validated. Once we validate your first comment, you'll never have to experience this again. This method is used to filter out spammers and bots. If you see yourself in this situation, please be patient, but feel free to send a private forum message to a PG employee or forum moderator for help.

Forum Moderators
These folks will have their names appear in a light blue color. Forum moderators are long-time members of the Pocket Gems forum community and are active, helpful contributors to the community. They'll usually be able to answer questions you may have, or help forward along any major issues that come up in the game. Take time to thank them for all their work!