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Thread: Don't Know Who I Am?

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    Don't Know Who I Am?

    So I turned off my iPad and on again. It wanted login info and I couldn't remember my husband's email at that time, and I knew he wouldn't either. So I entered new stuff and ended up with a new Paradise Cove account. Like the rubies but I want my old account back! So ClaudiaS. Was the old name and I think #ClaudiaS# might be the new one, but not sure! Help!

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    Wrong place Claudia. This part of forum is hardly ever monitored and it doesnt sound as if you have a bug but just a problem. You are better using TPC forum and asking members for help or submitting a ticket at
    They will need info from you and the first is your Support ID so have this ready before you start filling it in, you will find it in settings.
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