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Thread: Pocket Gems is looking for Forum Moderators!

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    Talking Pocket Gems is looking for Forum Moderators!

    The title says it all! Pocket gems is looking for a few motivated, helpful, and unbiased community members to help keep our forums fun, friendly, and active. As our game communities grow, one of the biggest challenges is being able to identify and address player issues and questions quickly as well as apply basic forum rules. As a Pocket Gems forum moderator, you’ll have the opportunity to shape our community into the kind of place that players would come for the gameplay tips and strategies, but stay for the people! You’ll also be communicating directly with the Pocket Gems Community team on a day-to-day basis to help handle community situations as they arise.

    Moderator Responsibilities and Privileges

    • Keep watch over new and existing forum threads, moving misplaced and deleting inappropriate threads as necessary.
    • Help diffuse conflicts between players fairly while maintaining a neutral position.
    • Inform the Pocket Gems Support team of any major game issues that arise.
    • Uphold the rules of the forums.
    • Help answer common player questions.


    • A good sense of the community’s players, interactions, and common questions.
    • A strong empathy for players and a willingness to help out.
    • Active daily participation on the forums.
    • Significant experience playing one or more of the following games: Tap Paradise Cove, Campus Life, Secret Passages


    • High-level player in the respective game (understand all basic game mechanics and then some).
    • A long-time player who is familiar with multiple Pocket Gems Games.
    • Previous moderator experience or participation in other online communities.


    Applications are now closed.
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    Talking Less than one week left!

    Hi All!

    February 14th is just around the corner, and we've received some promising applications for forum mods so far! If you're still on the fence about it, it's better to take a few minutes to fill out the application form just in case! A few questions have come up in the past week, so I'll try to address them here:

    Can forum moderators view personal information?
    No, we're being very careful when setting up the account permissions for forum moderators to make sure they won't be able to look up your IP addresses, change your personal settings, or any other invasion of privacy. Ideally, someone who's selected as a mod wouldn't think to do anything unconscionable, but you never know, so we'll be doing our best to not even make it an option.

    Can mods still post feedback, suggestions, complaints, etc. on the forums?
    YES! Being a mod doesn't take you out of being able to participate in the community. That would be counterproductive.

    What kind of additional powers do forum mods get?
    Forum mods won't be able to do anything special aside from being able to move, delete, and edit threads. They'll be able to approve posts from new users (and remove ones from spammers). They will also have access to a Moderator forum where they'll be able to check in with PG Support about issues they see or get info on issues that PG Support posts. It's essentially a big inbox between mods and PG as opposed to their own personal Inbox.

    Will mods get insider information?
    Mods won't be given any secrets to help gain themselves or their friends any advantage in the game. That's not what this position is about! The conversations mods will have with PG Support will mostly be centered around "this is a concern we see happening right now" or "how should this situation be handled?", etc.

    What if a moderator I take issue with is selected?
    I couldn't have said it better myself:
    Quote Originally Posted by salmo23 View Post
    Whoever is chosen will never satisfy everyone no matter how qualified they might be. It's the personality thing...we all like or dislike a person for this reason or that. The reason I may like someone, may be why you dislike them and vice versa.
    We'll be doing our homework on our end to try to make our selections as fair and likable to all as possible.
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