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Thread: [Applications Closed] Pocket Gems is looking for Forum Moderators!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish eyes View Post
    I know I have lost a few more brain cells recently but can anyone (Sal maybe!) enlighten me please?

    we have Moderators - I think they still exisit and havent go extinct like the dodo.
    They just have their normal name but in light blue.
    We have staff members like Soon. Their name is in green with the title employee!

    Then I just came across Arline (geekverde) who has the title moderator but is, or appears to be, a staff member. Her name is the normal blue and the word 'moderator' is black, just as our titles are.
    SE, the cool blue coloring was given to the moderators at the get go. As a matter of fact, many noticed the new color before the "official" announcement and were able to guess who they might be. Arlene, I suppose, being a "PG moderator" has no special color...colors are for "forum member moderators" it seems.

    Speaking of moderators...initially they were going to be given the power to manage threads and move some, if needed, to clean up the forum. Someone, moderator or otherwise, needs to do some housekeeping in our forum. Our Sticky Street has almost double the other forums...I see at least two that should be gone...this one(unless another moderator search is coming, which I doubt) and the sticky about the Event glitch...that one should never have been a sticky in the first place. Some of the stickies and some main forum threads should be in the opinion, UD and all that jazz...
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