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Thread: Scotland?

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    Yes, Wales might be cheaper and quicker to open but the trade value of the relics from all Wales sites is much lower in both coins and diamonds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate View Post
    How much is upgrading the darkroom? Mine was 50k coins per step in addition to that. And upgrades can't be done for diamonds alternately.
    I opened the Scotland DR a few weeks back. It took 14 of each item. The upgrades are 121 diamonds to get 2*, 239 for level 3 and that's where I stopped as I've run out of diamonds, keys and FR. I think the number of diamonds fluctuates. There was a premium site that was requesting 121 diamonds 2 upgrade to level 2 a few weeks back which I couldn't afford. Now it's requesting 140 for the same upgrade.
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    Both prices exist for different scenes, I think the premium content/clubhouse is a bit cheaper (121). If it changed, it's more likely a fix than a punishment for waiting.
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