Hi I was wondering if someone could help me. I made a fake email and Facebook account to use for tap pet hotel. Added tonnes of random people and sent them all invitations. I then thought ide log out of the fake Facebook account since no one was accept any of my requests after i got to about 200 people and I then logged in to my actual Facebook account, which I wish I hadn't because even after logging out of my actual Facebook now tap pet hotel has gone funny. When I remove the game from my apps on Facebook and go back on pet hotel when I press invite friends using Facebook to earn 1 bone per person it is still registering that im still logged into my real Facebook account. Even after then logging back into my fake Facebook on pet hotel it won't load any of the friends on the fake account to invite them to the game. The little white screen loads and as soon as it appears its gone I don't have a clue what to do. Me and my boyfriend have tried everything and the last thing I want to do is delete the app. Help on how to sort this problem out would be much appreciated.