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Thread: What now?

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    What now?

    How about something different?? What has been your worst or best Christmas present you have ever recieved? What about re-gifting? i would be willing to bet most of us have done this😉

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    Worst ever? Getting nothing for Christmas because we were unable to afford gifts that year.

    Best? When my kids were old enough to be super excited about Christmas and seeing their faces on Christmas as they came down the stairs and saw that Santa had come.

    Regifting? I've never done it.

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    I was not even a year old and faced death. My parents, in their early 20s at the time, couldn't afford the medical care needed--so my aunt stepped in. My very first Christmas was spent in a hospital in a fight for my life.

    My aunt's wealth saved my life--allowing me to grow on to enjoy a healthy life.

    Each year, I remember what my aunt did for me; I'm truly grateful and will be up to my last breath of life.

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    Hello All,

    Nothing new just life going same as..

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