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Thread: Disappointed! Lost all my progress, game and money!!

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    Disappointed! Lost all my progress, game and money!!

    Loved to play this game. I had even purchase treats to get achievements. Then the game has been unresponsive on my phone for over two weeks. I made a ticket to get it fixed. I even tried to load my game on a different device. Now I have done what I was told by support team and it only brings up my level to 6 which is where I was when I was trying to load it on a different device. Don't they keep track of the game so we may log back in? I have lost everything in my game and my money too. Does anyone have any suggestions? I sent another ticket because I want my game back it says that if I remember my I'd in the game and I never even changed it from that player and numbers name because I did not think it was necessary.

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    Same thing happened to my hotel. I also tried to load my game on other device but still my game was freeze. The screen was also freeze. I can's move or even zoom in or out the screen. I lost all my progress. I'm actually at level 53 with money of 1,300 mil up. I spent my money and my time on this game so much but now I lost it all. I already submitted two ticket but still haven't heard anything from PG supporting team. Hope they can fix my game soon because I already missed a few quests in which I regretted so much ( a quest like undersea). I want to know anyone who submitted ticket got response from PG yet? The game crashing like when the screen will not move to the right side used to happen to me before but lucky me that when I reload the game again. It was fixed and I don't know why. but this time it does not work like a charm anymore. I don't recommend people to reload game anyway because it is too risky. Please help..Now I feel like there are so much problem with the game. Many people experience unpleasant things with the game and it won't be fixed that easily. May be PG need to make a game become more stable rather than launching so many features.
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    Please PM me your ticket IDs.

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    Hello girls, I just faced an issue with my campus life game as I tried to download the Archie game from the ad that appears when u open the game. Anyway that whole thing stuck my phone so I restarted it. When I opened my game it wasn't showing the crush tab in the menu. I shut down te game and phone again and logged back in from Game Center still couldn't see it and noticed that all the girls in my sorority were wearing the basic clothes you know the white shorts and the purple top. I deleted te game and downloaded it again and opened it through Game Center. And this is wen the disaster happened! It opened an all new game! Basically I had to stet from the beginning!!! M so frustrated right now! I have invested so much in this game! I currently had 150 diamonds! Pls campus life team do domething about it!!! You have to!!!

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