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Thread: all time rubies

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    Angry all time rubies

    all the time this game need rubies
    After building various castles still we keep getting castle keys so what to do with these keys
    Can any one put some light on these issues

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    Sad thing is, I have been trying to buy the rubies, but not getting them despite being charged. Sent a ticket to PG but no worthwhile response. Smt.

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    Prasad, I have friends who I play with that are much stronger than I am who NEVER buys rubies. You just need to pick and choose your use of rubies. Don't try to participate in every event that comes along. Save your rubies for a special event and complete it. I made the mistake early on trying to participate in everything and now I have several half completed ships because I did not have enough rubies to complete them. Watch the videos and save, save, save. Happy playing!
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