I've been playing Runway Life now for the last few weeks and have really enjoyed playing the game a lot.

However I'm now stuck because there seems to be no way to progress any further as I can't recruit any more runway models; after recruiting Peace it took a day or so before another model, Tessa was available and she only had three photo shoots (like the supermodels) rather than the usual five that runway models have had to date. Since she signed a contract a few days ago i just get the message 'Further models coming soon'. In the 'look book' there are 3 times as many models again listed but they aren't available.

Another thing that has been bugging me is that I am voting on the same photo shoots over and over again; mostly by 'sophie', it's nearly always debutante or hip hop festival and the same images over and over to infinity, many of which are blurry, not dressed according to quest etc etc. Am I experiencing this because I'm the last person still playing and there just aren't any other photos being submitted to vote on?

While I could keep earning money and expanding land and rooms, no new items that you can pay for in cash (not diamonds) have been added in forever so there is little fun in creating more rooms when there's no scope to make them different.

Given I've invested time and a lot of money buying diamonds to progress in the game I'm quite annoyed; sure, I can carry on buying diamonds to finish off the few supermodel quests on offer but I'm not prepared to shell out for a product which seems to have little left to offer or the same old stuff over and over again.

Has anyone else experienced this too?