You are about to lose a long time customer. The guild battles are ridiculous. You need to have a better tiering system. The banners are a joke. I watched one banner roll over to a 5 minute 2x and it showed less than a minute. The app also keeps quiting in the middle of attacks, I not only lose the ship, but the equipment as well. It is really disheartening when you are 1 minute into a battle with another guild and one player has over 120 wins. How is that even possible? I know one of our members screen shot it and is reporting it, not that anything will be done. I know I have spent a considerable amount of money on this game over the years, but when you never even get a sniff at the good prizes, and the same guilds are at the top every time, it just seems futile to continue playing. You should use your ranking system to put guilds that are comparable to one another in the weekend wars. That way maybe one day some guilds would be able to compete with the top ones. If it continues the way it has been going, the top guilds will pull so far ahead, that you will have a lot of people who eventually give up on the game. I will be one of those if something does not change.