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Thread: Acquiring specific items. Please help me find!

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    It came with today's MBG Catherine

    And Sunlily, I think I've seen that hair on one of Mae's model. Maybe you could ask her if she comes here.
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    I know this is about items of clothing but what about certain furniture of decor like (pool, grand piano, certain sofa, other outdoor stuff ect ) When I vote I see so many things that I don't even see in the folder not even that I can't access here it's just not there. Any advice.

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    Post Can't find certain decor

    Quote Originally Posted by Sunlily View Post
    Some of the items are only available through the one or two day quests, and then seem to be forever listed in the store as 'unavailable.' So you might be out of luck However, when the monthly designer shipments are released, they contain many items which we have already seen but in a new color. The only drawback there is that you may or may not win the item you want, anyway.
    I keep seeing all this amazing decor in ohotoshoots but I don't see them, not even things I can't access on my level they are just not there (piano, pool, sofas, bar, town of other outdoor stuff and other things for inside)ANY ADVICE??

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