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Thread: Some good Strategies for everyone.

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    Jimbo, I read you thread look forward to your jokes. I have not joined any other game and am relishing all the "found" time.

    Having a blast in Florida and just returned from the Strawberry Festival. I have been to a Blue Jays game, the dog races and ventured to a new outlet mall. Tomorrow is a flea market with over 1500 vendors then Sunday another Jays game. On Wednesday I head back to the colder temperatures of Toronto.

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    Now ladies.....I do appreciate knowing about other games that are not PG games......I appreciate my dear Rosemary filling me in on Seekers Notes as I often see their annoying pop-ups in other game ads when I play. I will pop in and see if I like it.

    SE, not that I am lazy, although I am, I just know that someone will be summarizing and save me time.

    Sal. as always, you have pegged me again. My wife did carry my books. Now she carries my wine glass. What a trooper...

    Kiwi, glad you are catching some spring training. I am heading to Vegas next week to catch the Cubs vs. Reds in the their last few game of spring training. Me in Vegas???? Watch out. I could get ugly...... Better get some new jokes up quick or you will all leave me!!!!

    It just dawned on me that nobody says dusk any more.......

    I just read an article how porn damages your brain but I did not understand a thing....

    People at my 3rd floor gym take the elevator up and then get on a stair climber.....?

    They are called "barista's" because "coffee maker" was already taken....

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    Jimbo...good luck in Vegas!!

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    "But, time will tell, of stars that fell
    A million years ago.
    Memories can never take you back, home, sweet home.
    You can never go home anymore."

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    Good luck Jimbo. Better warn those one armed bandits.

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