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Thread: Animal Voyage v 1.34 now available in the Apple Store!

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    Animal Voyage v 1.34 now available in the Apple Store!

    What's New in Version 1.34
    - Exciting Valentine's Day Content!

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    So much for an "exciting Valentine's day content" just another sickle challenge!! For a Dalmatian dog what has that got to do with Valentine's Day?
    And will you stop asking me to play f****** Runway Life every time I open my game. You've been asking me for 3 months now I DON'T want to.
    And when are we going to get a new region and when are the rest of us getting cross breeding? Some people have had it for over 6 months now.
    This game is getting boring with the constant 375 crystal and 2 safari hats I'm going to be deleating it soon.
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    Here here!

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    I'm very sorry about this because I used to love this game, but I have to agree with Johnmdc.

    Exciting Valentine's content? You have got to be kidding! Nothing exciting about yet another sickle challenge.
    New region? Well overdue.
    Crossbreeding? I have it and everyone else beyond a certain level ought to have it too. Why don't they, PG?
    375 crystals + safari hats animals? Boring, boring, boring!

    It feels as if you've given up on Animal Voyage, PG. If that's not the case, then at least let us know what's in the pipeline.
    I used to spend real money to buy crystals, but not any more. If you want to keep your loyal players (and we are loyal else we'd have already left by now) and keep the money coming in then you need to inject some life back into AV.
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    +1. The heart has gone out of this game no matter how many cute graphic animals they can come up with.
    I'm not even on often enough to pick up my crystal tree gems every day.
    I visit for a mini game match-3 fix.
    Even if they open a new region, if they don't fix my broken Eastern Jungle island I still will be stuck.
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    I look at the new animals and I wonder why I would buy them. I guess the goal is overwhelming cuteness, but that's kind of lost its allure at this point. Most of my regions are overflowing with animals. I have animals with easy minigames if I want sickles. I can clear everything for blueberries. I can go back and fill in missing notebook animals to a point, but several aren't available in the shop, so I'm not going to be able to complete all regions-- to what degree is it worth it to me to try?

    I have all of my animals to level 6 in flower shower. I don't have all missions complete-- but essentially that's making animals less useful and increasing my income (and I have nothing to do with my income anyway).

    Almost all challenge animals eat blueberry treats, they're not in the notebook, and I never know the regions in advance. They're relatively cheap to get, but why do I want them?

    Bugs stick around for months and years. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad the game is much more stable than it used to be, and I appreciate the fact that the gazelle showed up on a reoffer island, but there's not much to do.

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    I recently came back to play this game and would really like to see some new regions. PG is that planned for this game? Is there anything beyond birds, birds, and more birds?

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