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Thread: Tie for Women

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    Lightbulb Tie for Women

    Scarf is an inseparable part in our body that is used to make us more stunning and lovely. Scarf for women of course, added touchable feelings in mind. If we can do this in a proper way that’s definitely raise our body outfit. There is legible way how to make us lovely using a scarf. Indeed there are rules how to band scarf into the body in order to make us more diligent. It’s not only used for style but also for prestige. We always think our prestige rather than style. Just need to know and follow them. I found a better solution how to do this so using tie is not so difficult as we think. Method and proper knowledge is enough.
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    Donnalin great post it's very interesting to read in depth about the scarf. I am big lover of scarfs and in my friend circle many of my friends wear scarf and hijabs but I never try it.....

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