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Thread: Diet tips!

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    Question Diet tips!

    I haven't seen any posts with diet tips. Maybe everyone sees enough in media etc. But I'll try anyhow.

    Your best diet tips?

    Here is mine:
    * Weightlifting
    * Drink alot of water
    * Superfoods (chlorella, spirulina, greens of barley/kamut etc.
    * I am also a follower of low carb, and eat alot off eggs, tunafish, chicken etc.
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    I've heard:

    * always eat a good (healthy) breakfast, and three meals, two snacks a day, to keep your body's engine humming
    * NO soda
    * NO processed dinners
    * NO fast food

    Alton Brown had a series of lists he used to lose 50 pounds; he didn't "diet", he just changed what he ate from junk food to nutrient rich, real food. Hmm.
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