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Thread: Explore the Desert

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    Explore the Desert

    All right, so I'm exploring the desert and I'm doing Step 2 of 5

    Rescue the Fennec Fox on Sahar Island - check
    Find the Gold Brick on Sahar Island - check
    Stock up on food... etc. etc. - check
    Sail to Murz Island - GO!

    I'm going, but I'm not getting there. Where the heck is Murz Island. I've been trying for a while now, but it keeps taking me everywhere except Murz Island.

    I want to get to Step 3
    That's Tee kee' rahm

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    That's been a while ago for me, but I believe I remember that Murz Island only appears once you clear the currently available mission Island, where you only find crates and items. When you click on the map (left bottom corner) it should point directly to that island. Sail to it, get everything that's on it, and only then the next "animal island" (Murz) will appear.

    Hope this helps.
    Remember, this is just a GAME...

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