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Thread: Secret Passages and crystals

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    Secret Passages and crystals

    Could someone clarify three things for me?
    I thought when I earned my first crystal that, with each subsequent one, your energy level increased; i.e., instead of 100, it went to 103. Although I've since earned five more crystals, that level has not changed.

    I assumed that, in order to earn a completed crystal for a region, one had to earn more stars, especially in "shadow mode", but whilst I was working on Rio, my NY crystal magically completed itself! Why?

    Finally, does every region have a crystal? I've found two just by tapping around, but the location wasn't obvious.

    I appreciate any information

    Kids librarian

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    Kids Librarian, we have a whole thread about Power Crystals over in the Secret Passages section. I believe your questions are answered there. If there are any remaining after reading the thread, please ask again in that thread and one of the many players will answer you. This section of the board is not looked at much by the look of things.
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    Hey Evil.
    Are you slumming it here as well? I just came for a look round and found all these poor folk who are in the wrong place. It is a bit sad they have got this far but not found the last step to us. We could explain so much.
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