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Thread: What's going on here?

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    What's going on here?

    For some reason I unstalled the game, but when I wanted to reinstall it this is the message I get:

    You have been playing on another device with a newer version of the game. Please upgrade to continue playing on this device.

    First of all, I have NOT been playing on another device. I have been playing on the device I've always played this game on.

    Oh, yes, above that message it says Upgrade Now! I'd like to Upgrade Now! but I can't.

    I'd like to have the game back.
    That's Tee kee' rahm

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    Anybody have any answers?
    That's Tee kee' rahm

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    Darkangel can help, I'll bet.
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    I never tried an uninstall. I once flushed all my data from the game and got back from level 37 to level 10 and lost most of my animals as you can read here.

    The only solution for you, I'm afraid, is to open a ticket, if it's not already done.
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