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Thread: Calling all COVET FASHION players!

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    Oh sorry TAG I forgot about you! that makes 3 of us at least on here that play covet which is good!

    I am loving covet ATM because they have lowered the threshold for their hair and makeup and doubled the amount of diamonds in their bundles!
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    For anyone new/hasn't caught on, this thread has become much less active now (regardless, please don't delete it, PG). This is not because we stopped playing - the opposite, in fact!

    For any forummers who wish to discuss and share looks and results with more Covet players (like we do on here), we have an awesome group on Facebook for just that. If you would like to join, you can make a fake account or whatever (Covet has now made it seamlessly easy to switch emails/FB accounts!) and just send in a request to join TAG Legends of Covet (click for link). Admins are mostly (former) forum members, though members include both forum members and non-forum members.

    I promise we don't bite. Hope to see you around!
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    I can't believe I just discovered how fun Covet is!! I see it all the time but just ignored it coz I was too busy playing CL. LOL! Gonna read through this thread now and hopefully I learn more about Covet.

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    Thanks in advance!

    1. Forum name: ajantzak
    2. Covet username: ajantzak
    3. Yes, I accept friend requests on FaceBook, but please pm me so I know


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    Just reinstalled the game this week, I need friends! lol

    PM me if you want to be FB friends for Covet!

    1- Forum name: Cici
    2- Covet name: Cici333
    3- Yes, I accept friend requests.

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    Hi! Not sure if you all are still adding members, but I just sent a request to be added! Been playing since I stopped playing CL and love it!

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    I am an avid player, please add me on FB username "Eve Edwards Ray"

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    I'm just getting back to playing Covet. Took a few months off and created a new FB just to play my games with. Please send me a FB request to "Mo Gardner" ( so we can share closets. Thanks!

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    I also play Covet. On FB I'm Susanne Gale.

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