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Thread: OK, so I am just wondering...

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    Lightbulb OK, so I am just wondering...

    I play on IOS the majority of the time. We have spoiler threads, etc...but on here since there hasn't been an update (which is very unfortunate), there isn't really any details of how far you can go in android version. Has anyone reached the maximum number of recruits? End of the tent quests? End of all quests?
    I have another game going on my droid, with only like 5 girls so far, I started it just out of boredom, not as a serious game since I know they don't update android version...
    but how far can you go in this version before there isn't anything left for you to do?
    Just wondering.
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    +1 I wanna know this, considering downloading so....yeah!
    YOLO so live it well

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    Angry Cash girls that you can have android so far as of today 21

    Quote Originally Posted by Pollypoop View Post
    +1 I wanna know this, considering downloading so....yeah!
    I hope that answers yalls questions, very frustrating!!!! But diamond girls are high priced!!!

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