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Thread: Andriod Neglect

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    Angry Andriod Neglect

    Don't get super excited when playing, the game is a temporary high because of no updates!

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    Exactly! I play on my android phone and on my ipad. It's ridiculous how far behind the android version is. I haven't even tried to play on my phone in months because there's no point.
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    Not to mention the money spent in the game. And they launch a new game. Why the don t give a answer to android players.just saying something -_-

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    I feel like they should refund all of you who paid money for gems and cash in the android game, bc it is pretty useless to pay money and not have anything to spend it on and no updates. I wish there was an updated android version. I have an iphone and a droid and would love to have two games going with the same opportunities in each one, but that's not possible...the android version is highly outdated. i would be happy to at least have the fashion showdown in android like we have in ios. it's unfortunate what people are missing out on because PG doesn't make updates for this's the only game I know of that isn't the same on android as it is on ios. i have 20 diamonds i wish i could transfer from my droid version to fact, i'm going to submit a ticket and ask if they will let me do that. some were earned but i paid for 10 of them..
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    I also play on both iOS & android. I started out on the iOS version & love it so much I also downloaded android. I was really shocked at how much difference there is! The android version really just is horrible compared to iOS. I don't even see a huge point in the game since there is no quests like there is on iOS. I thought at first maybe it would get better the further I got but after a couple of months & still the same I had to come to the android forum to find out what was really going on here! They really need to upgrade it and add a lot of things on there. I'm really about to delete my android version. I do not think its fair for those who have an the android version.
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