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Thread: At last, I found my solution !

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    At last, I found my solution !

    Hello everyone.

    This post is to help people having troubles with AV on Android. This is my contribution to improve the game and help people desperately stuck like I was.

    See my signature for my config.

    Here's my story.

    I was stuck at level 37, with only two Islands available for 2 weeks. The main Island and the Magic Island. No new regenerating island, so no possibility to collect wood, flour, nails, etc. but especially no crystals. No new quest was coming up. Briefly said, the only thing I could do was playing mini-games and collect coins. No need to say I had plenty of coins (about 2,40M), but had no use of them. I had finished the desert quest, and I had Santa's workshop to finish. I had the unicorn and the fire dragon.Time quest was completed. Both my storages were at the maximum level of improvements. I felt like this was the end of the game for me.

    You can find more details in this post, if you like :

    So I decided to erase all data from my tablet. This is how I did it :

    In Settings / Applications I picked up "Animal Voyage" app and first I cleared the cache.

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    And then I deleted the app "DATA" ("Effacer les données" on my french tablet). I had more than 300MB of data. Then I did a cold restart of my device. But at what cost ...

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    When I restarted AV, I had a new quest and regenerating Islands back, at last ! But here's what I lost:

    - I was back at level 10.
    - I lost my 2,40M coins (I had around ... 3000 !)
    - My food storage is back to level 2
    - My collection storage is back to level 3

    I spare you the details...

    So honestly, I don't mind restarting from level 10 (could have been worse) and having lost all that. Feels like "Prestige" in call of duty, for those who know what it is, except there is no real prestige.

    I'm really happy to be able to play "normally" again. I just hope it won't happen again.

    Hope my experience can help someone as desperate as I was. I love that game. I just think the support could be better.

    Enjoy Animal voyage, everyone.

    Remember, this is just a GAME...

    Jeth Ginkid. Playing Animal Voyage ver. 1.28.0 on Asus pad TF700T with Android 4.2.1

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    Thanks for this post Jethginkid, I have been stuck a couple of times, tho nothing like as bad as you. I have contemplated resetting like you describe but wondered what game progress I would lose - you took a really big hit there, but I am glad you can happily enjoy playing AV again.
    Cheers, Jo

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    Thank ou , merci

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    very Good

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