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Thread: I am stuck

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    I am stuck

    I am playing Animal Voyage on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I am a level 28. I only have 4 islands avalible to me and every one of them require crystals to advance. And not a measly amount of crystals, I am referring to 270 crystals or 220 crystals, or 200. I am sorry but if I have to buy crystals to advance the game then I guess I will deleat the game.

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    I am in the same position. I am stuck at level 25 which shows as full but won't click to 26. I only have one island available and can't proceed because needs 200 crystals.

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    I am also playing on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and currently a Level 23. So up until now I could have more than one animal on the dock but now because it is the REINDEER the game will not even allow me to play the puzzle to win the Reindeer! I have an unwanted Cougar sitting on the dock :-( and would like the game to allow us to (1.) Choose whether or not we want an animal (2) Reward us in some way when we DO level up (3) Allow us to control our storage better as I often sell flour or other items to make room for the new "treasure: only to find it is FLOUR! (4) Not time us down so quickly if we are trying to get animals or items off an island. ALSO: Last week I had gotten the key made to get the reindeer and everything disappeared! There is no way to know what we are to do next such as WHAT the HECK and WHERE the heck is VOO DOO HOUSE??? Anyway as you can tell I am a bit frustrated. Might just quit if they do not address the many issues and ability to progress.

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    I am using my Samsung Tablet, I am at level: 22 When I first got the game it was great ... now I am ready to call it quits. Especially since I was dumb enough to put real money into this game.
    I am a bit upset myself, as the so called building that is supposed to let you watch videos for money, gems, etc. is not working and has not been working for at least a week. I have e-mailed support and so far nothing. There are NO video's what so ever in the game any more. Yet we need 300 gems to get to the animal and fix the broken bridge. Sure the first bridge is just 75 gems, and the next is 200-300 gems. I have gotten to the point that I survey the island first and see how much it will cost by the time I get to the animal I have to get.

    The other way to get gems is by down loading a game, don't bother, they don't work. I have tried so many I have given up.
    I love this game too. I was over looking the hours it takes to make food, build homes for animals.

    The other thing that needs to be fixed/looked at is the game with the Sickles. That is outrageous, your supposed to get the map pieces and put them together, lol, I have tried since the very beginning to get the map pieces but it is a no win situation. As there is no maps except for once in a great while. When the key event is running, you get no where. It is useless.
    But yet, guess what?! Everything is timed! Another monkey wrench in the works.
    I agree with irishspirit, kathys1068, and lucretiao.
    Help us please!

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    I was wondering why there is no video's in the game. The building doesn't work any more. When you play the game with the animals and run out of energy there is no more video's to get more energy.
    Thank you
    I am level 22 I believe, I closed my game.

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