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Thread: There must be a Save file Somewhere....please

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    Unhappy There must be a Save file Somewhere....please

    Hello PG. well i am going to sell my note 10.1 to get The new 2014. I am so sad to lose my game, you guys must know where the save file is or something, there must be a way, maybe with registed account on google. Don t know, but it s so sad have wait so long for an update just not to lose the game, and yet nothing. I know we have to be paciente and understanding but it s so sad to read the IOS section of the game, they have so much and awesome things, and always new things coming out and the android can even save a game, i don t understant why you can t just do the same thing for android.
    Sorry for the speaking but i am so sad and angry to lose my girls i am going to take many printscreens of them...but it s not fair..

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    This may not help, but I'm sorry to hear about your experience! You are right it is not equal fun for all! I'm glad I found out before I invested more time and money! Be sure to write a review so fellow droid players no what to expect!!!!

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    Does this mean that even if you back up your Android through your Google account that there is not a way to get your game back?
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