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Thread: Important Announcement about iOS7 and the new iPhone 5S!

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    Important Announcement about iOS7 and the new iPhone 5S!

    Hey Forum-ers!

    Are you planning on upgrading to iOS 7 or the shinier new iPhone 5S? We want to make sure you have another smooth experience upgrading and making sure all your hard-earned work stays in your games!

    If you are getting a new iPhone 5S, you should make sure you sign into Gamecenter on your current device. Once you get your new iPhone, sign back into Gamecenter and start up your game -- you should be asked if you want to load your existing game. Hit 'OK' and you're all set!

    For more information see the following links:

    Upgrading to iOS 7:
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    Hope I don't lose my game AGAIN due to this constant updating. Lost a whole years investment of time and money into a game I now cannot play. This totally sucks !

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    I new this thread is old, but I just upgraded to a new phone last night and my game never asked if I wanted to load, it just started with the girl customization page. I tried to click that link there but it said "You do not have the permissions required to view this article, or the article does not exist."

    Anyone know how I can get my game back?

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    I thought I saw a PG staff post about this when new iphone 6 came out but people can get a new device at any time. Please PG can you all sticky this or put it within a Sticky or somehow make this easier to find.

    With some digging I found another post by PG John for a previous iphone upgrade that had dead links but lead me to some useful information.

    Using Gamecenter to transfer your game to a new device:

    Using backup/restore to transfer to your iPhone:

    Using iCloud to transfer to your iPhone:
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