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Thread: Reset animal voyage

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    Reset animal voyage

    How do you start over in the game ? I try to delete the App but it remembers How far i am
    Is there a Way to fix this ?

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    There isn't a way in game to do it, but if you put in a support ticket we can help you out.

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    How do you put in a support ticket? I want to reset my game also

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    I want to reset my game also

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    I'm wondering why you would want to reset your game? I recently lost my game account in Animal Voyage suddenly while playing. This had never happened and I was upset over my investment of cash and time, so I immediately wrote to Wilson at the support site, as well as posting inquiries within the game format. Wilson was able to reclaim my game history and restore it, for which I was very grateful. I am at level 45 with over 220 animal homes and about a dozen more companions sharing some homes (this helps when trying to clear an island when only one animal goes there - 2 or 3 of the same animal clear faster). I also have upgraded all the food production and storage. Most of my animals have been upgraded to Level 6, the highest at present, so they earn more coin while playing. It is finally easy to find enough crystals, with diligence and time, to earn a new animal or contest (though I am dismayed there will be no more new quests for Animal Voyage, since the developers do not consider it valuable to improve the game any more).

    I am writing to the forum finally, to ask why no new challenges will be created, or even why old challenges can't be re-run? Why did the golden key challenge go away? There used to be multiple level challenges that involved earning certain items you kept in your warehouse and creating new items from them or turning them in to meet challenge levels. The game was so much more interesting then. Now it is just collecting coins, clearing islands to find crystals so you can buy a new animal, the only quest available now for months, and playing match 3 games. I still have a full warehouse of items that used to be valuable in those quests and challenges and I wonder what to do with them. I have to sell items occasionally since the warehouse has an arbitrary limit of 500 items. But I used to be able to build bridges, and even achieve new animals, by assembling a mix of certain items, like wreaths, shovels, hammers, snowflakes, ancient coins, bears, turtles, ink wells with feathers, mushrooms, lions head gems, gold nails, flowers, lanterns, sand piles, golden beetles, cacti, zebra masks, voodoo dolls, bamboo, and others, and golden keys that used to be valuable in the tournament competing with other players to earn a unique animal and crystals. There is a workshop where you can create other items from the basic items, like ladders, pulleys, etc. but it is rare that all the components can be found when clearing islands or playing match 3. I have asked the developers what about what to do with all these items and have never received an answer.

    I can only conclude that the developers are not earning enough money on their players who have been loyal and consistent over the years, and are moving on with other projects. But I have given a lot of money to the game in the beginning, and occasionally since then, and I feel I already 'paid my dues' so to speak, and should be able to be entertained in the same ways as I was in the beginning. I hope that management recognizes this deficiency and acts on it.

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    Just adding a couple of facts here guys and hope you dont find me too presumptuous.
    In January 2014 I did re-set my SP to the begining becuase I was bored and wanted to use all I had learnt to be able to play a better and different game. For me it was the best thing I ever did but I can understand the ones who ask Why?
    The other point is good housekeeping. Reading Stella's post about game loss set all my bells ringing because it has happened to others in the past. So three things to try and get used to doing on a regular basis:-
    Save to itunes
    Save to Cloud - you dont have to do anything with this just set it up and let it run.
    Save (here I am presuming your game has the function) to PG In-game saving point.

    The thing is, you then have another backup point/s if all else fails and will not have lost more than from the last point.
    As you can see I have been around for some time. I read but dont normally post because I do not have anything to say that adds value.
    Support ID Q4A2FX9NCT Ipad Air a very interesting - level 117.
    Usual Disclaimer shortened to UD means in my opinion, limited to my game, my style of play, in my experience, only speaking for myself, I am only giving my own opinion of my game play I would also cordially like to remind you that everyone not only plays differently but everyone had different games so what is right/works for one may not for another. It is NOT a one size fits all. I am still having fun.

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    You do have to do something to save to cloud.

    Check your settings that its saving documents and data
    Cloud backs up when your device is locked and charging or you can go into the cloud settings and manually save.

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    Even though saving and restarting are completely different topics, if someone decides to restart and wants the old game back, providing an extracted file would be the option - unless the game is transferred to another device.

    The game should be saved automatically on the server if it works properly.

    The only documents and data setting that I know was replaced by iCloud Drive, I didn't know that it was necessary to enable it for AV.

    An additional warning when it comes to backups, if the file is broken due to an issue at PGs side, they don't work in some cases.
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