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    Community Guidelines

    Just a minute of your time:
    Hello Forum-ers!
    I wanted to take some time and go over some helpful tips, basic rules, and give you a bit of information of how the forums operates and how it will operate moving forward.

    Helpful tips!
    1. In order to avoid creating multiple threads on the same issue (quests, bugs, feedback ,etc) please keep these things in mind before starting a new tread.
    a) Before you decide to create a new thread, please do a quick search(located on the top right corner of the page) to see if any of your fellow forum-ers have already started a thread. If you do not see anything, post away! =)
    b) If you encounter a thread that has already been created, please note* that there is already a forum thread about this issue. Someone from PG will official close the duplicate thread.
    *When noting that there is already a thread about an issue, please be nice and kindly direct them to the original thread.

    c) Please keep in mind that everyone's sense of humor is different. What may be funny to you may not be the same for others. To avoid any argument with other users, please look over your comments and make sure that they are appropriate and would not offend anyone. =)

    2. When creating a new thread post about current quests, please include **SPOILERS** in your title so that users who see your thread know what to expect.

    Basic Rules
    Be nice. There has always been a great community of users gathered here who talk and share their love for the game. Please continue this great tradition by not:
    a) Using profanity
    b) Arguing with one another / attacking one another
    We at PG love hearing from our users. if you do not like something, or enjoy it a great deal, please share the reasons why with us. It is easier to work with our players to improve our games when you provide us with helpful feedback."

    A bit more information
    For newer users joining us in our forums...Welcome! Here are two things you should know!
    1. We would suggest starting off by reading this thread post from the Customer Support team. It will give you more insight about our FAQs and how to submit a ticket to the Support Team:

    2. You will notice that your first forum post will not show instantly; don't worry! With each new user, their very first post is sent to our administrative tool box to get validated. Once we validate your first comment, you'll never have to experience this again. This method is used to filter out spammers and robots! If you see yourself in this situation, please be patient with us, and you'll see your post soon!

    Thank you for reading this and we hope that it was helpful! If you have anything to add to this, please feel free to comment below! Happy Tappings everyone! =D =D =D =D
    In coolest game, in slowest lag, No user shall escape my sight. Let all those who break our rules, Beware my sig...PGJohn's might!

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    I went an uninstall my game on my Samsung GALAXY Note trying to upgrade and lost my game.
    I was on level 16 after 5 months. Please tell me there's a way to get my game back.


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