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  1. Dragon Perch islands??

    I recently bought a moon dragon, but is there an actual dragon perch island where you can rescue animals like the others, or are the only dragon perch islands those little ones with crates? Same when...
  2. Hidden animal in pastopia mainland?

    I'm just curious about the hidden animal across the bridge in the pastopia mainland, (or some other region idk), and if i should spend my crystals on it- You know, the one across from the...
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    A crate is a lie that gives you nothing but...

    A crate is a lie that gives you nothing but garbage xD
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    I can't move anything?

    Hi, I'm new to the game and im sorry if i sound stupid, but WHY can't i move anything, anywhere?! I go to move one of my habitats to a completely clear, free of obstacles and decorations space yet it...
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