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Common Questions

Why do I keep getting "Cannot connect to server. You must be connected to the Internet."?

You may have been banned for attempting to modify your game. You will want to submit a ticket to our support team at: https://www.pocketgems.com/support

Campus Life: I thought the premium girls only cost diamonds once. Do all of the premium girl recruits require diamonds to completely recruit?

The premium girls will usually require the use of diamonds in order to recruit. Unlike other recruits these girls have chances of giving diamonds instead of cash.

I didn't get the stars/treats/other currency when I performed the appropriate action. Who do I contact?

Please submit a ticket from our support site: https://www.pocketgems.com/support , include your receipt and UDID for the quickest resolution. For instructions on how to locate your UDID, please visit our FAQs page. Thanks!

I have encountered an error in my game, how do I get help from Pocket Gems?

To receive help please go tohttps://www.pocketgems.com/support and submit a ticket. Once you have submitted a ticket please send a Private Message (PM) to one of our employees with your Ticket ID# included.

Is it a good idea to keep sending reminder emails to support@pocketgems.com or reply to my support ticket?

Generally not, as it will make your original email appear to be more recent, and we work from the oldest ones first.

Campus Life Android: How do I find my Android ID??

If you tap the "Play" button in the bottom right corner of your game, tap the "Settings" button and finally the "About" menu, the Android ID is the 16 digit alphanumeric sequence on the top right corner of the menu.

Can I transfer my game from an Android / Kindle Fire to an Apple device? Or vice-versa?

Unfortunately it is not possible at this time for you to transfer a game from or to an Android / Kindle Fire to an Apple device.

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